Black silk sleep mask

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Say goodbye to wrinkles and sleepless nights and hello to hydrated, youthful skin and a dreamy night's sleep.

Sensi sleep masks are made from the highest grade (6A) long fibre 22 momme mulberry silk. They are specially designed (meaning you can’t find them anywhere else on the market) and made by the lines of our strict quality standards to provide the dreamiest combination of shine, softness and durability.

All of sensi products are OEKO-TEX certified which means that they have all been tested to ensure they are free of harmful chemicals, toxins and irritants.


The skin around our eyes is soft and extremely delicate and therefore more prone to creasing (aka wrinkle), so it is important to look after them and treat the area with extra care. When we are asleep we naturally toss and turn causing tugging and pulling around the eyes, especially on a cotton pillowcase or bedding. Silk sleep asks help protect the skin due to its extra soft and gentle fabric which prevents creases and surface wrinkling around the eyes and above the brow.

The dense weave of silk fibres hold moisture close to your skin as you sleep helping your skin maintain its natural moisture level as less moisture is drawn away from your face. It also stops your cotton pillow from soaking up all that expensive skincare that you just applied to your face before bed! Glowy hydrated skin is always what we are after!

And an extra bonus, silk sleep masks block out the light that would normally prevent us from falling asleep. Our bodies naturally respond to light by activating our sleep-wake cycle, so keeping light off your eyes before bed and in bed is important if you want a good nights sleep. Our brains also associated darkness with sleep and wearing a sleep mask will help block out any distractions that keep our brain active!

  • Reduces friction on the skin, which minimises sleep wrinkles.
  • It is naturally hypoallergenic and protects skin from irritation.
  • It is coated with sericin, a protein that makes them antibacterial, anti-fungal and resistant to dust mites and mould.
  • The tightly-woven, smooth fibres of silk help keep moisture close to the skin.
  • Goodbye wrinkles! Silk helps you hold hydration and hydrated plump skin cells show fewer fine lines and more luminosity than dehydrated skin cells.

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  • Contains amino acids that work to condition hair.
  • Prevents bed head and frizz.
  • Helps skin and hair retain essential moisture.
  • Silk is friction- free that allows your hair to glide more freely when sleeping. Goodbye breakages!
  • Silk pillows don’t absorb your hair’s oil meaning healthier, smoother and shinier hair.
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The do’s and the don’ts of how to wash and care for your silk sleep mask.


  • Hand wash only at 30°C or lower.
  • Only use a pH neutral liquid detergent.
  • Line dry out of direct sunlight.
  • Iron or steam on a low heat to increase shine.
  • Hand wash only at 30°C or lower.
  • Only use a pH neutral liquid detergent.
  • Line dry out of direct sunlight.
  • Iron or steam on a low heat to increase shine.


  • Use powder detergent.
  • Machine wash.
  • Tumble dry.
  • Use bleach.
  • Line dry in direct sunlight.

Find out step by step instructions on how to wash and care for your silk pillow by clicking here.

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